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Judy Hancock Holland

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Judy Hancock Holland - Bio


Judy Hancock Holland is an award-winning Canadian photographic artist and lifelong educator. Her work has been exhibited in North America and Europe, and her YouTube tutorials have garnered over 239,000 views. She does presentations for groups all over the world via Zoom, as well as one-on-one coaching and portfolio reviews. Judy is an active member of the Harbour City Photography Club.


As a world-class, award-winning photographer Judy remains very humble. Her passion for photography and teaching is undeniable as she generously shares her knowledge mentoring other photographers no matter what their skill level. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to learn from such an esteemed artist.” - Jane Sheers, Duncan BC

I love images that cause me to pause for a moment to appreciate the subject matter, the scene or the masterful processing. Judy’s fine art photography is that kind of art. Judy has a natural gift of seeing things in a new way as well as an abundance of skills in her post-processing techniques. And, as a gifted teacher, Judy openly shares everything she can to help others grow in their photography and artistic endeavors. Whether I am looking at her older work or some of her new images, I see the passion, sensitivity and the wonder she hopes the viewer sees. - Heidi Egerman, Boise, Idaho


Titia Jetten - Bio


"Conceptual artist and designer, mender, maker, gardener, wordsmith–that’s how I’d like to describe myself. I’m not bound to one single medium; it can be ink, it can be soup or fabric, it can be digital. 

I am obsessed with anything overlooked, dismissed, put aside, discarded or forgotten, details, small print, or untold stories. I observe, analyze, dissect, and then rearrange, rebuild, and reconnect, adding or leaving details, changing the narrative, creating new associations and connections, and a new reality emerges. 

Being a person of contrasts, I like to put things in a broader perspective or context, find the framework, trying to understand underlying concepts. Often this is an Aha insight, an encouragement to explore a different path or to adapt a process. 

In my past life I got a MFA in Design, Illustration, Typography, and Photography at the Royal Academy of Art in the Netherlands, studied journalism, public relations management, and marketing; I was a creative director and entrepreneur for many years. My company worked for corporate,  government, NFP, and NGO clients. 

I acknowledge the traditional territory of the Snuneymuxw First Nations, where I live with my family and work in my studio under the trees, close to the ocean."

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Su Orlov : Bio

Su Orlov is a visual artist based on Vancouver Island BC. She was born in the Ukraine and, at an early age, learned about her unique Ukrainian heritage, which says we are all part of everything. Every leaf and raindrop is connected somehow with every living soul. In her oil on canvas/wood paintings, Su depicts this love and sacred connection. She loves to paint animals and local landscapes, as well as mystic and emotional portraits of people. In her free time, Su  enjoys walking in the woods and discovering treasures of nature.

A collaboration of spirit between Su and Ian Cognitō

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Robert Plante - Bio

Robert Plante performed the greatest transformation of his life when he moved, with his wife, muse, colleague, partner Titia Jetten and three young boys, from the Netherlands to Vancouver Island in May 2009.

Robert studied at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in the Hague, an institute founded in 1682 and one of the oldest Art Academies in the World. He holds a Masters degree in Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Calligraphy, Font Design and Package Design.

More important is that he started drawing from day one since his birth and never stopped. It’s therefore not a contradiction to say that Robert is self-taught and schooled at the same time. The perfect blend for a Free spirit.

He considers himself one of the lucky few who have been able to work, learn and play his whole life as an artist. Plante is a polymath, a modern Uomo Universale who always benefits from the fact that focus is not his forte.

Robert’s oil and acrylic paintings, illustrations, branding, mixed media, prints, animations, cartoons, commercials, graphic novels, children’s books even music, military and rock can be found all over the globe. He has been commissioned by big corporations as well as individuals, small mum and pop shops, TV networks and social media influencers.

Whatever the opportunity, Robert artistic life and career has always revolved around transformation and storytelling.

This year Robert fulfilled a longtime dream by starting a publishing enterprise in collaboration with his friend, writer Alastair McColl. This initiative, ‘Mussel Assembly Publishing House’, will explore the fascinating cooperation between story and visual, fantasy and reality.

Christine Earl – Bio


Christine Earl is a fibre artist living in Ladysmith, British Columbia. She uses fabric collage, thread painting, and quilting to depict her subject matter in bright, cheerful colours. Christine is inspired by the beauty of the natural world and the nostalgia of photographs, old and new. Her portrait quilt “Ramona” won “Best in Show” at the 2021 Fine Arts Show of the Art Council of Ladysmith and District.


 “I am on a creative journey, learning and playing with fabric and thread as a medium for artistic expression. It is my hope that the joy I feel while working in my studio is visible in the finished product and brings joy to those who see it.”

To find out more about Christine, her work. and her process, go to:


Website: https://quiltiquity.wordpress.com or click on Christine's photo here.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quiltiquity 

Christine has provided the cover art for two Repartee Press titles: Animusings and Birdy Words (an Animusings sampler). She is a talented visual artist and a wonderful collaborator. 

See below for examples of Christine's fibre art:

"Joy is the Colour of My Ginger Cat" (quilting)

"Selfie with a Brownie Camera"(quilting)  

"Lion" (thread painting)

"Just Kidding" (thread painting)