Much Adieu About Nothing

Much Adieu about Nothing

Release Date: March 2021


Following their successful pairing on 2017’s flora, fauna & h. sapiens, Pat Smekal and Ian Cognitō have reunited to explore the ins and outs of our mortality, the afterlife, and the "D" word. This collection explores this rather lofty topic through elements of humour, introspection, and compassion and serves as a companion piece to Old Bones & Battered Book Ends (an anthology on Ageing curated by these same two authors), also on Repartee Press.

'Much Adieu about Nothing' encourages us to pause, to ponder, and to contemplate our unmentionable destiny. Its poems open the door for conversation and deliberation. They bring Death out of the shadows and into the light, normalizing what we know will be our fate.-- from the Foreword by May Abbott

Back and forth like conversations over many cups of tea, these poems take you on a journey, point you in directions you may not want to go but, in the end are always glad you followed... Each time we read this collection of poems, we find a new treasure -- Bill & Donna Konosorado, singer/ songwriters & musicians.