This Old House

This Old House

Author: Daniela Lorenzi

Release Date: March 15, 2023

Publisher: Repartee Press

Pages: 110

About the Book

Inaugural collection of poetry from Victoria BC author, Daniela Lorenzi. In this book, Daniela not only celebrates family and friends but also turns her gaze to her environment--to her garden paradise and well beyond its perimetres. She takes inspiration from the close at heart and from the world at large--in all its glory and consternation. 

"This old house. This shell  containing memories, ghosts, reflections. Rooms alive with music and light, sometimes, heavy with night. Life lived in all its hues. And always, the expectation & hope of what will unfold, what that next creak in  the floor, knock at the door, might bring. Always, at at its heart, lie the people and furry beings that make our lives complete."

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