Release Date: March 2021


In this collection, Ian Cognitō taps into the Ani-Muse to muse, amuse, and niggle as he reports, re-imagines, and interprets animal behaviour and our own. 

When Ian Cognitō "animuses", his wild imaginings come to life. His personality shines through his work to connect with the reader as he reveals flaws in the human condition and his empathy for other beings. He shows us how our connection to animals is genuine and how these creatures enlarge our spirit.-- from the Foreword by PC Vandall

Reading 'Animusings' is a potent love tonic to open our eyes and stir our slumbering attention to the natural world... 'Animusings' is a journey of the heart, an exuberant, unblinkered trek across the tender territory where our compassion, empathy, and innate kinship with the living world flutters, arcs, dives, wriggles, and spins, waiting to be untethered.-- Anne Marie Carson

 See visual poems from Animusings as posted by Literacy Central Vancouver Island at the link below: