Authors: Ian Cognito & Anne Marie Carson

Release Date: November 30, 2021

Publisher: Repartee Press

Pages: 100

About the Book

Interchange developed out of an email dialogue between Anne Marie Carson and Ian Cognitō over a three-year period — a poem of Ian’s followed by a prose response from Anne Marie. Eventually, what seemed like a simple exchange between like minds evolved into its current form, a book. This collection provides an eye into the experience of a reader—Anne Marie, in this case. In her responses, Anne Marie personalizes ideas or content from her source material—a poem. She might “run away with it” or delve deeply to get to the heart of what it evokes for her.

Reviews for Interchange

In Interchange, Ian Cognitō and Anne Marie Carson remind us that reading is not unidirectional, that it can also serve as a jumping off point—a provocation, even—for all manner of creative decisions. Ian’s poetic musings on a refreshingly wide range of subjects (from middle age spread to mole hills) serve to inspire Anne Marie into reflecting on her own experiences in unexpected and gratifying ways, leading us down as many rabbit holes as there are poems in the book. All poets would benefit from a reader as engaged as Anne Marie, and all readers would benefit from a poet as engaging as Ian. Richard-Yves Sitoski, Owen Sound Poet Laureate, author of No Sleep ‘til Eden

The interplay between Cognito’s poems and Carson’s prose musings in response reads like literary jazz with words echoing and soloist riffing in response. Jazz Sonata describes it well: “two crickets / melding their respective voices / like arthropod jazz musicians / playing into the wee hours“. Interchange is delightful and encouragement for writers to exchange words across genres — Daniel G. Scott, author of Aftertime, Artistic Director of Planet Earth Poetry (2016-2020)

Interchange inspired a waterfall of personal associations I would have gleefully offered up for the sheer pleasure of extending the journey of a single thought, expertly guided by the strokes of a poet’s quill and a writer’s keyboard. The rhythm of their individual voices and the combined melody of their connected thoughts create lyrical magic. Interchange sings to the soul. It sparkles with humour and wisdom, stings with desire and nostalgia, and celebrates the authors’ own story, a touching illustration of connectedness.Hilary Laidlaw, author of Mind the Gap

Ian Cognitō and Anne Marie Carson have removed the barrier of the book cover in their new collaboration, Interchange. Ian's witty and elevated writing gets lively written feedback, piece by piece, from Carson, who is clearly not just a fan but also a skilled raconteur in her own right. One book gets you inside two remarkable heads. With this shared billing, Repartee Press is blazing a fascinating new trail others will surely follow as the literary world looks for innovation in a world of immediate responses. — Jacqueline Carmichael, author of Heard Amid the Guns: True Stories from the Western Front 1914-1918

More Reviews for Interchange

Not just a deft pairing of poetry and prose, each responding to the other, but a transmutation too: one riffing off the other, picking up an image or motif, soloing for a few bars, trading fours as it were, creating word jazz in response to one another, musing on our crazy, constrained domestic lives.  A clarion call to nature and our inner natures—our desperate need to return to the garden. Observant, witty, humorous, satiric in equal measure. — Richard Stevenson, author of Live Evil: A Homage to Miles Davis

The moment I began reading Interchange I was welcomed into a cozy room where a fire crackled in the hearth and two friends sat conversing, sharing memories and observations of life. They invited me to join them in that room, wrap my hands around a hot cup of tea, and become part of the dialogue. Ian’s often humorous, yet insightful, poems and Anne Marie’s thoughtful responses and personal riffs drew me in, embraced me. I found myself pondering my own long-forgotten memories and feelings, found myself laughing along with these new friends, knowing I would revisit this room often. — Daniela Lorenzi, author of This Old House (Winter 2022)

Cognito’s poems juxtaposed with Carson's poetic prose enrich our understanding and enjoyment of both. Carson's comments take flight from Cognito’s poems to offer entertaining observations from her life. Descriptions of events, such as renovations to her century home and a robin attacking its windows draw us into her world. Her relaxed and reflective style is a perfect foil for Cognito's descriptive nature poems —Mary Lee Bragg, author of The Landscape That Isn't There

Interchange is utterly engaging, unique yet familiar. A conversation between two intimate friends who have yet to meet. Poet Ian Cognitō, and prose author Anne Marie Carson come to know one another through a footpath of words—at times a tactile touch of paper, other times through ethereal emails. Introspection, revelation, and sharing drive not only this friendship but a depth of duality—the creative output of two highly skilled, insightful observers of the world’s limitless wonders. — Bill Arnott, author Gone Viking: A Travel Saga, The Miramichi Reader’s 2021 “Very Best Book!” Award (Nonfiction)

Testimonials for Interchange Live Online

INTERCHANGE TESTIMONIALS – Connecting with Seniors Presentation – Collingwood ON, Feb 23/22


“Another fabulous Seniors Zoom gathering today! Breaking Down Barriers' presentation of 'Interchange' by co-authors Ian Cognito and Anne Marie Carson was an engaging hour listening to their unique exchange of poetry and prose. Loved it”.



“What an enjoyable and engaging hour of poetry and prose. Ian and Anne Marie are so talented. We are amazed they have never met in person and were able to co-author such a great book. Thank you Lucille for another wonderful Connecting with Seniors program. I didn’t want it to end”.

Ron and Candyce


“I really enjoyed the BDB launch of Interchange. Congratulations. I am so proud of both you and Ian”.



“I just finished reading Interchange. So good! I want Anne Marie to sign my copy some time”.



“A great afternoon. Thank you for having Ian Cognito and Anne Marie Carson read their work. It was so enjoyable and took me to places I haven’t thought of in a very long time”.



“My seniors really enjoyed listening to readings of Interchange. They recalled some memories following the program that sparked great conversation and laughter. Thank you, Ian and Anne Marie and thank you Lucille for introducing us to this book”.


 “I was sitting in today during your and Ian's reading for Breaking Down Barriers. I'm not necessarily a poetry fan, more a follower of poetic lyrists like Leonard Cohen and Joanie Mitchell. That said, I quite enjoyed the pieces crafted by Ian. I was really quite impressed with your responses. Being a member of this family for almost 38 years, I'm no stranger to your writing prowess. The numerous poems marking special birthdays, or speeches for happy and solemn occasions, I've always marveled at the way you easily seem to create a thoughtful, reflective narrative, that captures your audience's imagination.

Your responses to Ian's work once again reinforced your innate ability to translate a thought, a feeling or an experience into a magical piece of writing that transports the listener/reader to a time, a place, a person or an occasion where we can relate so personally with your stories. While I have not yet read your book (because your brother is afraid I will crack the spine, book nazi), I look forward to reading the poems and the prose with a lovely cup of tea.

Thank you both for the experience! And I'm a lucky lady to have such a talented sister-in-law.  Can't wait to see what comes next Anne Marie!”

Love you lots



“That was fascinating! I’ve never been a big poetry fan but I was for that hour and I was enthralled by Anne Marie’s prose”.



“Who doesn’t fondly remember family car rides. Loved the poetry and prose!”

Holly Ann


“That was fantastic! Can’t wait to read the book”.